Cargo with ears and tail

I have four years of experience in transport logistics. All this time I was engaged in air cargo transportation and By the way, all types of cargo are transported by air.

Before working in logistics, I associated the word “cargo” with faceless boxes and boxes that need to be sent from one point of the world to another. Agree, rather faded and banal? But one ordinary weekday, sitting in the office, the phone rang. On the other end of the wire, the girl asked me a question that for a few seconds plunged me into a stupor. In a clear voice, she asked, “Hi! I need to send a dog to the States, can you help?” At that time, I worked for a year and a half in the company, but such proposals had not been received before. Of course, I heard from colleagues that animals are also sent on planes as cargo, but I myself have encountered such a shipment for the first time.
On the one hand, I was overcome by fear: “How is it? I have absolutely no experience with this!” But, on the other hand, there was a great desire to try. I understood that it was a huge responsibility. This is not just some box with spare parts for which you need to prepare documents, book a seat on a flight and hand it over to the terminal for shipment. It was a real puppy, the Husky breed, who flew to his new owners in New York!
At that moment, I clearly understood that I had no right to let this kid down, because his future is in my hands! I asked the girl to send documents for the puppy (a passport with vaccinations) and began to figure out what to do next, having previously enlisted the support of my supervisor. By the way, many thanks to him for his assistance, he supervised my work from and to!

So, the first step is to find out if it is possible to send this or that animal by plane. For example, brachycephalic dogs are prohibited from sending – these are dogs with flattened noses. For example, pugs. They do not tolerate pressure drops. Everything was fine with our nose. Also, the age of the animal must be at least 6 months. Then the coordination of the shipment with the airline, the cargo terminal of the airport of arrival, in our case, New York, and the recipient begins. Competent Aeroflot specialists provided full assistance. The coveted confirmation of dispatch has been received, the documents are ready, and so are we. But the closer the day “X”, the more exciting. Now I am writing, and as if I am re-experiencing all these emotions. Flight booking confirmed, departure in the evening. According to the rules, cargo is delivered to the terminal no later than 6 hours before the flight departure. But with animals, this interval is reduced to 4 hours. This is done so that the cargo terminal has time to process, complete and place on board all the cargo that is planned for shipment. Only after that, passengers check in their luggage and go to boarding. Perhaps someone does not know, but the bulk of cargo is transported by passenger aircraft. Those. you are sitting in the cabin in anticipation of a cherished vacation or an interesting business trip, and below you are all kinds of cargo and even animals! Baggage and cargo are placed in different cargo compartments of the aircraft, but more on that another time.
Let’s get back to our Archie, yes, that’s the name of our passenger. We agreed to meet the breeder girl in the morning so as not to rush, and she could easily pass the veterinary control at the terminal and customs. Her presence as the owner of the dog is mandatory. While Natasha was going through the formalities at the terminal, I personally met Archie, he was very cheerful and ready for any adventure. By the way All animals are transported in special boxes. Special requirements apply to them, i.e. the animal should not be cramped in it, the box should be equipped with a drinking bowl and a lock on the outside so that the animal cannot run out during transportation, and a number of other points. Archie had great boxing and clearly liked it. But then a couple of hours passed, the phone rang, and Natasha (the breeder) said that the veterinary control and customs had put the necessary seals, which means that the matter remained small, but perhaps the most important – to hand over our Archie to the terminal and wait. First takeoff and then landing.

To say we were worried is an understatement. It was as if we were seeing off our common close relative on a long journey. But Archie is great, because of his interest in everything, he easily won the favor of all the terminal employees, so we were sure that he would not be left without attention all these 4 hours before departure. In the evening, returning home, I checked the flight, it took off almost without delay. My heart felt somehow light and calm. Our Archie is on his way to a new life abroad. He is very much expected, and this is the main thing! The next day, Natasha sent a video of Archie happily splashing in the Atlantic Ocean. He was happy. And I was probably even happier. He found a new home, and we helped him with this!